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Alexandria Reds Baseball

Our History

Founded in 2016, the Alexandria Reds have been on a mission to offer affordable, competitive, and fun travel baseball to our Alexandria baseball community. Our goal is to teach youth baseball players advanced fundamentals of the game. Good character, commitment and work ethic are emphasized, required and measured in the form of teamwork, focus during practice and games and sportsmanship. We offer teams from ages 9U-18U.


Our Wow Factor Nation NOVA program (15U-18U) provides an environment that enhances the growth, development, and exposure opportunities for high school baseball players. The goal of our high school program is to create a path for successful high school, college, or professional careers.  

Team Motto
R - Relentless
E - Everyday
D - Determined to
S - Succeed

Coaching Philosophy
Our coaching philosophy follows these six principals:
● Building friendships and relationships.
● Building character and loyalty. Sports do not build character, it reveals character. Pursue excellence, not perfection.
● Develop winning and successful attitudes. Make your own definition of winning/success and motivate with vision, not fear. 
● Develop mental toughness. Teach players to deal with the tough aspects of life/competition. Teach poise under pressure and staying focused in tough times. Push forward when things get uncomfortable.
● Develop standards and goals: Life, School, and Athletics. All 3 should co-exist.
● Understand the results: How did I get here? Make the best of the circumstance, and be thankful.

Photo cred @serina_duh @creative_individual87

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